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Content Trumps Container

As you may or may not know, I recently launched my own-branded virtual tour platform (under my business name, CraigMac Visuals - Website: CraigMac.tv). In a series of posts, I want to give you some insight into my thinking on the future of Real Estate marketing which should help you understand my my new business name and vision. Let's start with this...

Content Trumps Container

It is my firm belief that content is inherently more important than the container of said content. In my business (the creation of images for the real estate market), that means that the images I create of the properties you list are more important than the hosting platform that displays them. I came to this realization a couple of years ago and began making plans, acquiring equipment, further educating myself and upgrading my skills in preparation for what has become CraigMac.tv. Let me point to some examples that will help you understand what I'm talking about. Have you ever visited The Drudge Report? It's not exactly the most esthetically pleasing website I've ever seen. Yet, every day millions of folks visit Matt Drudge's website for one reason, and one reason only: Content (aggregated news in this case). Do you have any real estate blogs that you visit from time to time? Maybe the Phoenix Real Estate Guy, Bloodhound Blog or Agent Genius? Do you visit these because they're elegant and well presented? No, you visit for the content (i.e., the valuable insight you can gain/profit from by reading what these people write). What about the ultimate modern example of this principle: RSS/News Readers! Do you use Google Reader or some other RSS feed aggregator to gather the daily news that's important to you? If you don''t, I recommend checking out how this works. It changed the way I gather information and consume news.

The bottom line is this: Content always trumps Container. Therefore, as a Real Estate Photography and Cinematography company, the vast majority of value I provide to you is in High Quality Content Creation.

That's enough for this post. In my next post I'll tell you how I really feel about Real Estate marketing.


Blogging is Hard

Ok, when I started out with this new website I had high hopes for the blog section. IRL (in Real Life), though, posting content on a regular basis is hard. If you've been here before, you may notice that some old content is missing. I've removed the old content on purpose because I want to go in a different direction with the blog section. And, I'm trying out some new blogging software that links with my blog. It's called Mars Edit and it is a $40 application for the Mac (I typically write stuff using my MacBook Air 11"). It is a very simple application that allows you to write a post offline, add in media like photos or video or links, and then post automatically at the click of a button. Pretty nice. Well, this is all for now. Surely, the new year will bring valuable content to you from this blog. Have a Merry Christmas!